About Musenge Luchembe Hayslett, LMFT - Somatic Heart Healing Therapy

About Musenge

How on Earth do you say your name?
My name is Musenge, pronounced “Moo-sang-gay”, which means “the one who brings joy” in Bemba, one of the languages spoken in Zambia. I was born in Los Angles but did not live there until I was 16 years old when I moved from Botswana with my parents, two brothers, and 3 dogs. More recently I moved to Nashville with my partner and our two rescue Chihuahua/Terrier mixes. When I am not in my psychotherapy office, I am exploring the breath taking dog and kid friendly trails of Percy and Edwin Warner Parks and enjoying the many outdoor events Music City has to offer.
While living in the San Francisco bay area I studied Cognitive Neuroscience at University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!), and later earned my Master of Arts in Somatic Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Since I began working as a mental health counselor in 2010, I have had the opportunity to work in schools, private practice groups, and holistic centers as well as outpatient and residential programs for adolescents and adults with co-occurring mental health disorders.

There are many modalities of psychotherapy, what’s special about Somatic and Experiential therapy?

In the process of my own healing journey, I learned how important embodying all aspects of being human (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) were in maintaining my sense of wellness and contentment in a world where almost everything was out of my control. When I became more intentional about making characterological changes in adulthood, finding a spiritual community, dancing, communing with the redwoods and listening to a variety of teachers from Pema Chödrön to Joy Degruy, feelings of wholeness and healing were afforded to me like never before. This is what Somatic and Experiential therapy are all about.

Somatic (derived from "soma", meaning body) Therapy is centered around how we live in, feel, and relate to our bodies. It explores how the beautiful and amazing, but oftentimes wounded relationship to our physical selves can impact our relationships, creativity, general well-being, and even our ability to reason and learn.

Experiential Therapy is focused on exploring how you perceive and experience the world. With a variety of approaches (such as role-playing, guided imagery, play, art and other creative activities; truly, whatever is most comfortable and feels best for YOU), we'll work to bring additional awareness and understanding around your experiences and how you view the world, giving you increased choice and agency as you navigate through new experiences in your life.

With these modalities and others, we'll work together to restore the innate healing and wellness that are natural to you.

As a somatic and experiential psychotherapist, I can support you and members of your support system with using your senses to regulate challenging emotions and connecting with each other and the parts of ourselves that get stuck or lost with trauma or the stressors of everyday life. Being unable to experience our whole self can result in unfulfilling relationships, creative blocks, or even poor posture. I have successfully supported clients experiencing these and other symptoms with expressive arts interventions such as drawing, music, drama, dance, and authentic movement. Further, I thoroughly enjoy facilitating the experiential process that enables my clients to create with their own and unique grounding techniques using breath, body, touch, imagery, nature and more.
Outside of the above, I also work with an array of issues and symptoms across very diverse populations. Some of my specialties include PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and ancestral, intergenerational, and childhood trauma. Further, I work extensively with issues of attachment, substance use (Opiod Replacement Therapy), high risk pregnancies, perinatal/postpartum depression, sexuality, eating disorders, body-image, immigration and chronic/terminal illness. I welcome adolescents, adults, families and romantic partners and couples varying in ethnic, racial, sexual, gender, age and religious backgrounds. I enjoy working with couples and families of all constellations.
What are some of your specialties?
Trauma: Childhood abuse, Intergenerational, Attachment, Sexual Assault, Shame
Identity & Expression: Cultural, Gender, Sexual, Spiritual, Self-Esteem
Maternal Mental Health: High Risk Pregnancies, Perinatal and Postpartum Depression
Body Image: BED, Gastric Bypass Surgery
Addiction: Substance Use (Opioid Replacement Therapy), Adult Children of Alcoholics
Stress Management and Emotion Regulation: Self care, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Relationships
What are some of your values as a psychotherapist?
Two of my most coveted values as a therapist are the Hakomi Principles of organicity and mindfulness. Organicity assumes that when we have integrated all of our parts (the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) we are self-directing and self-correcting. Therefore, as your therapist, I trust that you ultimately know what is best for you and I am here to support you in actualizing your core values and true self.

When we are in a state of mindfulness, we have the capacity to be more consciously aware of our own inner processes, wisdom and values rather than being driven by habitual patterns of behavior that may not serve us or our relationships. I support my clients in experiencing this meditative, relaxed, and alert state in order to create a safe environment for growth and exploration.

I look forward to being a source of empathy and guidance as you traverse your healing journey. Feel free to start the process by calling (615) 693-6737 or completing the contact form below for a 20 minute, free phone consultation.